Creme De La Creme

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Courses London Albright Centre and Cheltenham Isbourne Centre

Teaching  People How To Get The Best Out Of Their Valuable Frequencies.

One Day Workshop 10.30am - 3pm

Normal Price £80.00 per person

Special Price £45 per person (Extended Throughout June, July & August 2016)

Places strictly first come first served as limited



Raj from Dhaka Bangladesh talks about how Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies (SRTLFs for short) have helped his Mother.


Zach B tells us how the Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies (SRTLF’s for short) helped him get his Mum better.


Di shares her story of a wonderful result using the Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies PLUS the Supercoherence I Am Universal Frequency.


The Supercoherence Exam and Interview Frequency (SE&IM/F for short) helps children with learning difficulties as well as nervous candidates.


Dyslexia and ADHD

The Supercoherence I Am Male / Female helps with relationship problems, hormonal and sexual problems.


CreRelationshipsating Loving

The Supercoherence Panic to Calm (SP2C for short) is a plug and play frequency that does exactly what is says on the box, brings immediate relief from panic, fear and highly stressful, turmoil type situations.

Steve's fearful situation turned around


You Can TRANSFORM The Following Here Now 

Confusion to CLARITY
Conflict to PEACE & CALM

We are in the Age of Wonder.....the adventure has begun!
It is our wish that the Frequency tools you find here will help you and all humans
find Peace, Love and Happiness
- which is our birthright and our responsibility.
Let us create an irresistible chain reaction
of love on this Planet.Recent  results can be seen here.


This 1 Simple Exercise
Performed Daily
Will Change Your Life,
in the best possible way
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Do You Want To Improve Your Life With Immediate Effect?

I am So Glad You Are Here Because I Can and Do Help People Like You Everyday! Please Take A Look Around and Discover How You Could Benefit From Using This Life Force Management System.


Although simple to use and master,

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Helpful Information.

Helpful Guidance

FREE The Light Story

transformation, wellness

This story explains how Light Energy when differently organised has a completely different result.  It explains what we mean by coherence and what coherence means for human beings.


celebrates the month of January as

"The Glory and  Grace of God"

"When you seek warmth, bring warmth,
Where you meet doubt; bring hope,
Offer what you have, expect nothing in return.
Show love to the loveless.
Be calm amidst the chaos.
Take what you need; there is always enough.
Find Grace in the gross; and beauty in the ugly.
Celebrate all that you be; being is enough."

This card comes to you as a Divinely Inspired Artwork.
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FREE Starfish Story

starfish story caring sharing

This story tells a tale about how one person's effort can make a huge difference to many suffering starfish, and how when one person explains what they are doing, others can join in and the help becomes multiplied.  It is such a lovely enlightening story.




Going Fast.....