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Since the very beginning of working with these amazing frequencies, it has been my absolute pleasure to see, discover, uncover the incredible power that lies within every single human being it has been my pleasure to work with, including myself. 


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It never ceases to amaze me the power of the 'Light Energy and Information' held within the glass carriers enabling coherence within the body-mind system. This powerful life enhancement program works time and time again, taking the struggle out of living life.  

These particular frequencies are simply the most incredible energies I have been blessed to work with in all my years of doing energy work.  I have witnessed quantum growth like no other, when using one or any of the Supercoherence Frequency tools. So many times at every single level, in all the energy centres, the third eye, the throat chakra, the solar plexus, in all that we are and how we create, from the life perspective, from the genetic perspective, from the fear perspective, for whatever different reasons, we are  not always able to step fully into the power of the "I am " presence.  These magnificently precise, fast and powerful energy tools align you to the zero point field, creating coherence in you bio-light energy field and take you directly to the zero point, the field of all possibilities and beyond.  These frequency tools over-ride all and any preconceived ideas thoughts etc that have been in the way previously.  Once you start engaging with the 'Return to Love' "Magic Glass™" on a daily basis, your body -mind system recognises the coherent Light energy held within the glass carriers and begins to align to it at the subtle and cellular level.  this means that you don't necessarily feel or see anything, but you will , but you will see and encounter the results of coherence in your everyday life, and as your coherence grows so does you awareness, so that you will recognise these changes.With regular daily use, and as you become more coherent, you are able to access more quickly and easily the zero-point field, there you can resolve and dissolve previous patterns of shame and guilt and fear, allowing the true you, the diamond lurking within each and every one of you to shine like the star that you are, and are meant to be.  The zero-point field is the field of all possibilities, the place where the magic and the miracles lie deep inside all and every single one of us.  These frequency tools underpin and enhance everything you say, do and think, and if you are already a practitioner or energy worker of any sort, they will enhance all modes of energy work and practice, giving the 'receiver' an even more potent level of healing and with immediate effect, often with quite staggering results and sometimes with life changing occurrences.  I have been privileged to witness the seemingly impossible become possible, both from my own perspective and from the perspective of those people I have been priveledged to encounter along this wonder~full journey of life.

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See and Hear What Gifts Some People Have Received………………….

Raj from Dhaka Bangladesh talks about how Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies (SRTLFs for short) have helped his Mother.


Zach B tells us how the Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies (SRTLF’s for short) helped him get his Mum better.


Di shares her story of a wonderful result using the Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies PLUS the Supercoherence I Am Universal Frequency.


The Supercoherence Exam and Interview Frequency (SE&IM/F for short) helps children with learning difficulties as well as nervous candidates.


Dyslexia and ADHD

The Supercoherence I Am Male / Female helps with relationship problems, hormonal and sexual problems.


CreRelationshipsating Loving

The Supercoherence Panic to Calm (SP2C for short) is a plug and play frequency that does exactly what is says on the box, brings immediate relief from panic, fear and highly stressful, turmoil type situations.

Steve's fearful situation turned around

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